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Femmes russes ou ukrainiennes en Russie

Thank you for your letter. I hope you are fine. I am glad to get your letter and read about me a lot of nice words . You have a twin brother, how interesting, if you have a lot in common, like your parents you raslichayut.From the letter,I understood you're a very smart man. I am pleasant to be acquainted with you and we can get to know each other better. I want to talk a little about me. I was born and live in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.I live with my parents in a house near the river.I do not have any brothers and sisters.I work in the banking industry for 13 years as economist . Never Married, no children, but very want.I am learning English, all of my free time I spend on it, but try to keep yourself in good physical shape, I like riding a bike and going to a pool. Sometimes I spend my free time with my friends,we go to concert, theater,cinema.I do not smoke.I can drink red wine on the celebrations.Do you smoke and drink?I like travelling very much.Do you like travelling?What countries do you visit? I read a lot of books, very interested in astrology and psychology for me.My mood is always good, but it can spoil during the day.I'm not upset yourself than trying to distract.I do not like quarrels and scandals. My family has not it .I want to live in peace and understanding, it is not difficult just need to work on the relationship, the desire must be with the both of parties.Unfortunately It is a big problem to find a good man and have a family in my country.I want to get married once, to support each other, to educate children and to meet together in our old age.I just want to be a happy woman, wife, mother.Tell me more about your past relationships, if you can. In your letter you write that you love to improvise. I do not understand how it , please to describe about it. My expectations of my future husband: caring, understanding, respect, love, to be together, help each other, to listen, to be good friends.I have many interests, one main is good to know English, and then continue to learn other languages.What I dream of course a family , the children, their upbringing, own house,dogs,cat.I want to acquire another profession more popular, travel and live with my family and dear people. I think it is enough for a first letter, I think you have a better idea of who I am now, but I would like to know what do you want to know about me, I also hope to know more about you.